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2012 renault twizy

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    Video: Thought Renault's Twizy couldn't get more French? Here's one covered in macarons

    While we were in Las Vegas covering the 2012 SEMA Show, sweeter teeth had converged upon France's capital city for the annual Salon du Chocolat, otherwise known as the Paris Chocolate Show. Renault brought a little automotive flair to the this year's show by teaming with French pastry chef Pierre ...

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    Video: Yes, Virginia, you can drift a 17-horsepower Renault Twizy

    On one side of the Renault Twizy ledger you have a mid-engined, rear-wheel drive "coupe" with instant torque and a RenaultSport-tuned suspension. On the other, you have the equivalent of 17 horsepower. None of those figures would keep Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe from getting to the bottom line, ...

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    Video: Autocar puts the Renault Twizy through its paces

    Autocar got its hands on the 2012 Renault Twizy and took the opportunity to put the electric scooter-cum-city car through its paces. The two-seat runabout isn't due until March, 2012, when it'll hit the streets of Europe hoping to be the next big thing in the microcar segment. While the ...


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