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2012 ram cargo van

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    Official: 2012 Ram Cargo Van starts rolling in Windsor

    Call it a Caravan, call it a Voyager, call it whatever you want – just don't call it a Dodge. Because while it may look exactly like a Dodge, it's actually a Ram. And as the suits in Auburn Hills will point out, the Ram truck brand is no longer under Dodge's purview. What it's actually ...

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    Video: breaks down the 2012 Ram Cargo Van
    1299778380 details the 2012 Ram Cargo Van – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    The 2012 Ram Cargo Van may be based on the more pedestrian Dodge Grand Caravan, but make no mistake, this van is ready to work. The minivan's seats have been removed, meaning there's 144 cubic ...


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