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2012 ktm x-bow

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    Video: Who said the KTM X-Bow isn't good in snow?

    As we head towards the second half of February without having had a real winter here in the Midwest, we'll admit to being ticked off. Those Blizzaks we bought for our long-term Mini Countryman? We haven't had much chance to put them to use. Nor have we had any occasion to enjoy the singular ...

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    KTM X-Bow finally on sale in North America

    KTM X-Bow – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Long ago, we told you that the KTM X-Bow was coming to the United States in street-legal form. Now, the magic moment is upon us – the Audi-powered, carbon fiber X-Bow is available now as a special construction vehicle kit car ...


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