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2012 ford focus

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    Recalls: Ford Focus Electric and ST recalled over lighting issue

    Ford is recalling 6,308 units of the 2012 and 2013 Focus Electric and 2013 Focus ST that were fitted with HID headlights because a "wiring incompatibility" could keep the front side marker lights from working. A bulletin from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the recall ...

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    Followup: Is Ford's Focus really the world's best-selling car this year?

    Last week, Ford boasted that the Ford Focus was the best-selling car in the world through the first half of 2012, but Toyota fired right back claiming its compact sits in the top spot. Which automaker is correct? Well, both. Kind of. Ford says that the Ford Focus has sold 489,616 units through ...

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    Report: Car buyers falling back in love with manual transmissions

    From the headlines-we-never-expected-to-see file: "Stick shifts popular again..." Yes, we thought manual transmissions were on their deathbed, what with every carmaker bemoaning low take rates and reports that Volkswagen has decided to do away with them in both its Audi R8 sports car and ...

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    Video: Ford tilts pinball parkers to promote Focus, Active Park Assist

    We've got to hand it to Ford of Europe – this is one of the most brilliant marketing stunts we've ever seen. Blending the correct amounts of populist outrage, mockery of the common man, hidden cameras, big budget technology, and gritty urban realism into one literal over-the-top promotion ...

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    Report: Ford prepared for slow sales with Focus Electric

    Along with Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, Ford CEO Alan Mulally is confident in the growth of the electric car segment. It's a long-term play, though, so Mulally isn't committing the electric Ford Focus EV to making a strong sales statement. For now, Ford's chief says he'd be fine moving fewer ...

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    Official: Ford recalls 140,000 new Focus models over wiper concern

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Association has announced on its website that Ford is recalling 140,000 Focus models built between August 1, 2010 and October 18, 2011. The defect in question is a seal in the wiring harness connector to the passenger side wiper motor that may be missing. If ...

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    Report: Ford tops in non-retail sales, 45% of Focus sold to fleets

    Most everyone at Ford is grinning from ear-to-ear these days, as the company is enjoying profits as well as a vastly improved product portfolio and public image. Sales are up, the product pipeline is full, and market share grew last year. You can almost imagine Ford CEO Alan Mulally saying, ...

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    Report: Ford Focus Titanium to get manual transmission

    The Ford Focus sedan comes in four trim flavors, S, SE, SEL and Titanium, while the five-door hatch omits the base S version. Keeping form with past economy car tradition, only the S and SE trims have been offered with a five-speed manual transmission, but that changes with the 2012 Focus: the ...

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    Podcast: Autoblog Podcast #263

    Chevrolet Volt and Fiat 500 sales flops, 14 million cars in 2012, most popular posts of 2011 Episode #263 of the Autoblog Podcast is here with Chris, Dan, Chris Paukert, and Zach this week. Topics include the perhaps early condemnation of the Chevrolet Volt and Fiat 500 as flops, predictions of ...

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    SEMA: Ford Focus hatches wicked tuner concepts

    As popular as their vehicles are with aftermarket customizers, Ford wouldn't miss out on something like the SEMA show. And while the Mustang and various Ford trucks play a big role in the Blue Oval booth this year, a significant part of the Motor Company's exposition centers around the latest ...

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    Video: Doug the puppet pitches new Ford Focus to Automobile Magazine

    Doug the puppet and his handler John trekked to the headquarters of Automobile Magazine in order to show off the 2012 Ford Focus. John and Doug arrive in the office of editor Jean Jennings, and things don't exactly get off on the right foot. After their initial introductions, Doug and John ...

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    2012 Ford Focus sales being hurt by low supply

    Even though Ford's light vehicle sales were up seven percent in August of this year versus last, the company is running low on a very popular product: there simply aren't enough of the 2012 Focus to go around. The company's sales analyst, George Pipas, said it's because there isn't enough ...

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    Report: Ford facing shortage of Focus models due to dashboard supplier issue

    We're nearly certain that robots will one day rise up and take over the planet. We've watched The Terminator enough times now to see how the scenario will play out. Thankfully, robots aren't advanced enough yet to ruin your life, but they might be smart enough to ruin your day... at least if ...

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    Spy Shots: Ford testing 60 Focus ST models around the world

    We're looking forward to getting our hands on the ST variant of the Ford Focus, and why not? We Americans have had no choice but to sit back and watch while our overseas comrades got to have all the fun behind the wheel of high-performance Focii, which made the hot hatchbacks the forbidden fruit ...

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    Ford Focus adds on-board WiFi in Europe

    You might figure that, with a name like Focus, Ford's compact model would be all about eliminating distractions. But the new global Focus is jam-packed with technology, and the latest among them is a new in-car WiFi system. The device works with SYNC and MyFord Touch to pick up the signal from ...

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    Review: 2012 Ford Focus Titanium

    Blue Oval's All-New Compact Surprises With Maturity

    2012 Ford Focus Titanium sedan – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ironically named little car, the Ford Focus. While you could surely argue we're drawing too literal a line between the car and its moniker, we have to chuckle a ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #223: Ford Focus quality, Japan's quick road fix, long-term Hyundai Equus, David E. Davis, Jr. passing

    Click above for the Autoblog Podcast in iTunes, RSS or listen now!
    Here's Autoblog Podcast #223. The crew this week is Chris Shunk, Zach Bowman, Chris Paukert and Dan Roth. Topics covered are Ford's commitment to the 2012 Focus by giving early cars a 30-mile shakedown drives, Japan's amazing ...

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    Report: Ford giving new Focus 30-mile shakedown runs

    If Ford has a more important vehicle launch in 2011 than that of the 2012 Focus, we certainly don't know about it. The automaker is well-aware of the importance of the Focus, and to ensure a flawless launch, the company is going all-out. Automotive News reports that Ford is testing the first ...

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    Videos: Ford hires wisecracking, handsy puppet to promote 2012 Focus

    Ford is very excited about its all-new 2012 Focus. The model will be the focus of a major advertising campaign moving forward, and the automaker has apparently decided to hire a spokesperson to travel the country and talk all-things Focus. Well, we say 'spokesperson,' but Ford is going in a very ...

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    AdSpotting: Ford goes global with Focus, but will it entice?

    Ford's global Focus campaign – Click above to watch commercials
    Company: Ford Motor Co. Brand: Ford Medium: TV Ad Agency: Team Detroit/WPP Global Product: Focus Campaign: Global Focus Launch What We Like: The all-new Focus is a moonshot better than the Focus we've had in the U.S. ...


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