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2011 mini countryman

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    First Drive: 2011 Mini Countryman

    Yes, it's a Mini. Yes, it's a crossover. Yes, it makes sense.

    2011 Mini Countryman - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Whether we like it or not, even niche automakers are expanding their lineups to appeal to a broader range of shoppers. This may seem like automotive blasphemy, but think ...

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    Mini confirms entry into 2011 World Rally Championship with Countryman

    2011 Mini Countryman WRC – Click above to enlarge
    Were it not for the efforts of John Cooper and drivers like Paddy Hopkirk on the European rally stages of the 1960s, the Mini brand probably wouldn't have the beloved reputation that it does today – in fact, it's possible it would ...

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    Mini dishes out more info on Countryman including complete specs

    2011 Mini Countryman – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Way back in January, Mini went ahead and unleashed a dump truck's worth of information and images on its new Countryman crossover, and at the time we expected the full set of specifications to be released along with the car's ...

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    Mini Countryman Aero Kit leaks out

    Mini Countryman Aero Kit – Click above for image gallery
    As is traditionally the case for BMW's revived Mini range, the new Countryman crossover will be offered with an optional Aero Kit that makes the 'ute look much more aggressive and might even do a wee bit for aerodynamic performance. ...

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    Mini Countryman Getaway package announced

    2011 Mini Countryman Getaway package – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We're all guilty of letting personal belongings pile up in our cars from time to time. And unless you're a bona fide hoarder, most people excuse this clutter as a means to be well-prepared for any situation that ...

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    Geneva 2010: Mini Countryman breaks cover

    2011 Mini Countryman – Click above for high-res image gallery
    There were no surprises at the Mini press conference today in Geneva when the covers were lifted off the 2011 Countryman. We got our first look at the brand's first crossover back in January, and we can now fill you in with the ...

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    VIDEO: Mini Countryman stars in its own music video

    Mini Countryman premiere video – Click above to view the video after the jump
    We give Mini credit – when it's not busy Krinking its cars, leaving giant boxes outside or otherwise doings things that make us cock our heads to the side, it shows off its cars in pretty neat ways. The ...

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    Mini gets Connected in the Countryman, doesn't exactly say how

    Mini Connected – Click image above to enlarge
    Mini will be debuting a new system dubbed Mini Connected at the Geneva Motor Show, which the brand describes as a new, exciting innovation in infotainment. However, we have little idea of what Mini Connected actually does beyond using "a newly ...

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    Rumormill: Mini could produce John Cooper Works Countryman

    Mini Countryman - Click above for high-res image gallery
    JCW Countryman? Sounds like a chain clothing store you'd find at your local shopping mall, but to automotive enthusiasts – Mini aficionados especially – it could only mean one thing: a performance-oriented version of Mini's ...

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    Video: More Mini Countryman action, fewer no yellow camo paint jobs

    Mini Countryman video footage - Click above to watch video
    If you can't get enough of the forthcoming Mini Countryman, twelve minutes of new footage that doesn't involve yellow swirlies has found its way onto the 'Net. Thankfully, there's no annoying musical soundtrack, so you can see and hear ...


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