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2011 lfa

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    Chicago: Lexus plays us like a fiddle with its LFA quartet

    Last we checked, there were fewer than 90 Lexus LFA models in the United States. So imagine our surprise to find not one, not two, but four of the automaker's carbon-fiber exotics parked under the lights in the Lexus booth at the Chicago Auto Show. Normally, when four of the same models occupy ...

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    Video: Top Gear takes on the Lexus LFA

    Click above to view the video after the jump
    If you haven't downloaded last night's Top Gear through some nefarious means, you missed one of the few palatable car reviews the trio has done this season. In addition to taking the BMW X6 globe-trotting and putting the all-new, 325-hp Vauxhall ...

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    The Lexus LFA may cost $375k, but the paper one is free

    Many people are into model cars. And... origami. Tangrams, too – which are sort of a two-dimensional, reusable form of origami. What are we on about here, why are we discussing folding paper and models? Funny you should ask. See, the all new Lexus LFA went ahead and got revealed the other ...


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