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57Report: Ford Explorer orders nearly double expectations

2011 Ford Explorer – Click above for high-res image gallery

22Ford begins using WiFi to install Sync on assembly lines

In case you thought installing SYNC into Ford vehicles was a ho-hum-whatever affair, that's not the case – Ford puts a lot of thought into it. The Blue Oval's latest assembly line advance is to have SYNC's infotainment software installed into the 2011 Ford Edge via WiFi. Made possible by the the latest version of SYNC with WiFi access, the new process allows Ford to save money on parts and inventory by using a common module among vehicles in different cars and made in different plants. Aft

672011 Ford Explorer unveiled live from coast to coast

2011 Ford Explorer Live Debut in Southern California – Click above for high-res image gallery

892011 Ford Explorer puts four-cylinder EcoBoost engine above V6 in pecking order

2011 Ford Explorer – Click above for high-res image gallery

532011 Ford Explorer with EcoBoost 2.0-liter delivers 30% better fuel economy than V6

Ford has got the gas mileage goods on its 2011 EcoBoost-powered Explorer, and it's news you might like if you want one: you'll get 30 percent better mileage with the inline-four than you could with the outgoing V6. Ford did, however, leave a key detail out of the press release touting this: it didn't reveal the actual mileage number, "pending EPA certification."

19Ford Explorer teasers keep coming, model to debut July 26 in NYC

2011 Ford Explorer teaser images – Click above for high-res image gallery

172011 Ford Explorer gets soy-foam seats and 25% better fuel efficiency

We're still about a month or more away from seeing the new 2011 Ford Explorer devoid of camouflage, but the automaker is continuing to trickle out information. The latest news is that the new unibody SUV will use soy-foam seat cushions like the ones that debuted in the Mustang in 2008.

602011 Ford Explorer teasing continues - My, what big pillars you have

2011 Ford Explorer Facebook teaser shots – Click above for image gallery

37OMG LOL: 2011 Ford Explorer to get Facebook reveal

2011 Ford Explorer Facebook teaser shots – Click above for image gallery

7Autoblog Podcast #179 - We answer your queries

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27Ford said to be preparing Explorer-based pursuit-rated SUV for police fleets

When Ford introduced its Police Interceptor based on the Taurus, it said it had another vehicle in the works that "would share most parts with the Taurus and be available in a utility version." Speculation was that it would be a Flex based on the component spec, but according to The Detroit News, it turns out the as-yet-unseen 2011 Ford Explorer has got the nod.

64Land Rover to Ford: Good luck with Terrain Management - Just remember who invented it

Back in 2005 when Land Rover let loose the most comprehensive upgrade to its long-running mid-level Discovery line since its introduction in 1989, one of the most intriguing new bits of technology was the company's highly lauded Terrain Response system. In fact, so revolutionary was the design of this new 'ute and the technology that made it work so well that Land Rover completely ditched the Discovery name in the United States, giving its pride and joy the LR3 moniker.

38Reader Spy: Next Ford Explorer with Lincoln-esque grille caught in LA?

Lincoln-grilled 2011 Ford Explorer spy shot – Click above for high-res image gallery

40Next-gen Ford Explorer will bring 1,200 new jobs to Chicago

2011 Ford Explorer Spy Shots - Click above for high-res image gallery

37Spy Shots: Unibody 2011 Ford Explorer cometh

2011 Ford Explorer - Click above for high-res gallery

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