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2011 chevrolet cruze

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    Recalls: Chevy Cruze recalled for potential fire down below

    No, General Motors is not recalling the Chevrolet Cruze because DVD copies of Steven Seagal's seminal 1997 hit Fire Down Below were left in the trunk of every car that's been sold. If wishing made it so. Rather, the Cruze has been recalled to modify the engine shield that's located under the ...

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    Report: NHTSA investigating Chevy Cruze, Jeep Wrangler over engine fires

    Automotive News reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has begun two separate investigations following reports of engine fires in both 2011 Chevrolet Cruze and 2010 Jeep Wrangler models. The government agency received two complaints about fires in Cruze sedans and eight in ...

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    Official: Sonic and Cruze headlining for Chevy at SEMA

    The Chevrolet Sonic and its big sister, the Cruze, have proven to the world that General Motors is once again capable of building class-leading small cars. To showcase these cars in a new light, Chevrolet will be bringing a smattering of Sonics and Cruzes to the upcoming SEMA show, with these ...

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    Official: Cruze knocks Camry out of best-selling car spot for June

    Japanese manufacturers are continuing to feel the sting of the March tsunami and earthquake disasters. Last month, the Toyota Camry was the only vehicle from a Japanese automaker to make the list of top ten best-selling cars and trucks. The four-door typically holds onto the top slot among ...

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    Report: GM recalls 2011 Chevrolet Cruze, full-size vans and mid-size pickups

    The Chevrolet Cruze may be relatively new to the market, but that doesn't stop it from the recall bug. The Detroit News is reporting that General Motors is recalling 154,112(!) Cruze models to ensure proper installation of the intermediate steering shaft covers. Automatic transmission-equipped ...

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    Chevy boasts best-ever first quarter global sales

    2011 has been an up and down year so far for General Motors. High incentive spending, $100-per-barrel oil and potential supply disruptions due to the Japan earthquake have been a major downer. Even the automaker's stock price, which jumped to $39 per share after the IPO opened at $33 per share, ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #226: 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, New York and Shanghai

    Click above for the Autoblog Podcast in iTunes, RSS or listen now!
    Autoblog Podcast #226 features Chris Shunk, Zach Bowman, Dan Roth and AOL Autos Editor-in-Chief David Kiley. We start with the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle and then talk about the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu. Staying with the auto show ...

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    2,500 Chevy Cruze sedans recalled for "improperly fastened" steering wheels

    Chevrolet has reportedly issued a recall of 2,100 of its Cruze compact car in the U.S. and 400 units in Canada after one car was found to have an improperly attached steering wheel. While the defect sounds terrifying, Chevrolet says the mishap hasn't caused an accident or any ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #218: 2012 Honda Civic, BMW "i", Chevy MyLink, and GMC Granite

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    Autoblog Podcast #218 is here, and Chris, Dan, Chris Paukert and Zach return to talk about Chevrolet MyLink, the GMC Granite's rumored re-greenlighting, the 2012 Honda Civic and BMW's new "i" sub-brand. Questions and feedback ...

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    2011 Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Edge named Canadian Car and Utility of the Year

    2011 Chevrolet Cruze - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Both Chevrolet and Ford have something to brag about at the 2011 Canadian International Auto Show. The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada named the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze the Canadian Car of the Year; the 2011 Ford Edge took ...

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    Video: GM dares to compare Chevy Cruze to... the old Hyundai Elantra?

    Chevrolet dares to compare the new Cruze to an old Elantra – Click above to watch video after the jump
    General Motors is using the phrase "Dare to Compare" as part of a campaign pitting its vehicles directly against competitors. In a new video you'll find after the break, the Chevrolet ...

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    GM marketing chief Ewanick: "We'll focus on Cruze all year long"

    2011 Chevrolet Cruze – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Joel Ewanik was recently named General Motors' global marketing chief, so we sat down with him and Buick marketing honcho Roger McCormack at the Detroit Auto Show to find out how they plan to get more attention for GM's brands. ...

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    Review: 2011 Chevrolet Cruze 1LT

    Better, But Plenty of Room For Improvement

    2011 Chevrolet Cruze 1LT - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Chevrolet Cruze has the potential to succeed for two key reasons: 1) The Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic are nearing the end of their product life cycles, showing some crow's feet ...

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    2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco rated at 42 mpg highway

    2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco – Click above for high-res image gallery
    General Motors has released official fuel economy numbers for the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco, and the automaker's original target of 40 miles per gallon (highway) has been surpassed. The Cruze Eco is officially rated at 28/42 ...

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    Video: Chevy Cruze used to play live action game of Pac-Man

    2011 Chevrolet Cruze playing a full-size game of Pac-Man – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze is a nimble, compact sedan that could potentially turn into a top seller for General Motors. Apparently, it's also a fan of classic video games. Well, at least the ...

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    Video: Chevrolet Cruze ads ramp up

    First Chevrolet Cruze commercials – Click above to watch the videos after the jump
    The first production copies of the 2011 Cruze are likely heading to a nearby Chevrolet dealer as you're reading this, and that means that General Motors' advertising blitz can't be far behind. Actually, it ...

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    Chevrolet Cruze configurator goes live

    Heads up, compact fans; the configurator for the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze has officially gone live. If you've got a few hot seconds to spare as your work week comes to a close, you can build up your new Bowtie fuel miser any way you so please. It doesn't take long to click off enough options to have ...

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    Report: GM asks Chevy dealers to buy Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla for Cruze comparisons

    2011 Chevrolet Cruze – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Even with the impending launch of the Volt later in the Fall, the Chevrolet Cruze may be the biggest vehicle General Motors will launch in the U.S. this year. The reason is money. The Cruze should make some of it, while the Volt ...

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    Video: Chevy engineers get into the sound collage thing with 2011 Cruze

    2011 Chevrolet Cruze mixes it up – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Development engineers rarely get to have the same kind of fun as, say the guys out flogging the crap out of prototype mules on the test track, but that doesn't mean they can't have a good time. A few of the lab ...

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    Exploded view of Chevy Cruze "shutter" grille [w/video]

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    While we'd all love to see 1,000-horsepower supercars that effortlessly reach 100 miles per gallon, the pace of fuel economy improvement is far less aggressive. Automakers are scratching and clawing for every mpg they can find by doing things like ...


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