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2011 bmw x3

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    2011 BMW X3 recalled over power steering issues

    The 2011 BMW X3 has only been on sale for a few months now, but it already faces a recall over a potentially serious problem. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a control module in the crossover's electric power steering system may malfunction, resulting in a loss ...

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    Video: BMW Super Bowl commercials champion diesel and... American roots?

    BMW Super Bowl Ad - Click above to watch the videos after the jump
    BMW was one of the few companies to keep its Super Bowl advertising plans to itself until kick off time, but the Roundel came to the game packing two 30-second spots. The company said it wanted to get two messages across to ...

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    Bimmer Builder: 2011 BMW X3 configurator comes online

    The 2011 BMW X3 is ready for prime time, with all-new sheet-metal and an equally new interior, a choice of efficient inline six engines and a standard eight-speed transmission. If that sounds like an enticing package, you can now head over to BMW's official website to build your own. The base X3 ...

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    First Drive: 2011 BMW X3

    Refined, Not Redefined

    2011 BMW X3 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Long before the segment-bending X6, BMW's crossover strategy was simple: offer the utility of a traditional SUV but in a package that's not only luxurious, but fun to drive. The original X5 Sport Utility Activity ...

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    BMW announces pricing for 2011 X3

    2011 BMW X3 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We're about to drive the 2011 BMW X3, but before we get behind the wheel, BMW has announced pricing for its next-gen. cute 'ute, and as before, the new CUV will be offered in two trims. The base X3 xDrive28i, which features a 240 ...

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    Paris 2010: BMW X3 is new yet familiar

    2011 BMW X3 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    BMW has whisked the sheets off its 2011 X3, and the second-generation crossover looks suspiciously like its predecessor. Beyond a seemingly endless parade of spy shots over the last couple of years, that's predictable, as the X3 has ...

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    2011 BMW X3 fills out, adds a dash of sport

    2011 BMW X3 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Behold the 2011 BMW X3. It's longer, wider and taller than its predecessors, but you'd be forgiven for thinking it looks remarkably similar to the last X3. Naturally, BMW's twin-kidney grille is affixed up front, but like the new 5 and 7 ...

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    First details on 2011 BMW X3 leak out

    2011 BMW X3 – Click above for image gallery
    BMW has just dropped a few juicy details about the 2011 X3 on the web along with a few camo'd photos. With the addition of the X1 in European markets, the Bavarian automaker is looking to give its middle child a little extra interior space, so the ...

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    BMW teasing 2011 X3 well in advance

    2011 BMW X3 teaser shots – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The 2010 Paris Motor Show may be five months out at this point, but that isn't stopping manufacturers like BMW from getting the ball rolling on the long, slow, aggravating striptease of new models. The German manufacturer has ...

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    BMW wants more people to custom-order X3s with high-margin options

    When the second generation X3 goes on sale early next year BMW wants more of its American customers to start special ordering the crossovers rather than buying them off the lot. Custom orders are more the norm in Europe where about half of all BMWs are spec'd up before being delivered to the ...

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    BREAKING: BMW X3 prototype reportedly causes bomb scare outside NY museum

    2011 BMW X3 prototype – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Note To Self: Don't leave camouflaged prototypes parked with the engine running next to Central Park in Manhattan. Just a week after a failed car bomb attempt in Times Square, Manhattan is understandably still a bit jittery. An ...

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    Spy Shots: 2011 BMW X3 out and about in Munich

    2011 BMW X3 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We're expecting the 2011 BMW X3 to debut sometime this year and judging by this latest crop of spy shots out of Munich, Bimmer's mid-level 'ute should be ready for prime-time when the Paris Motor Show rolls around this Fall. Although the ...

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    REPORT: BMW X3 U.S. launch delayed by up to 6 months for custom order effort

    According to BMW of North America's president, Jim O'Donnell, the Roundel crew will delay the launch of the 2011 BMW X3 by six months to establish a new customer ordering program and iron out which engines will be available in the States. The move will apparently make the customization of the X3 ...

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    Spy Shots: 2011 BMW X3

    Boy howdy does that camouflage make it difficult to suss out what's underneath! BMW's cooking up a new X3, expected to drop in 2011, and the changes don't look to be huge. The smallest SAV – BMW's acronym for Stupid Ass Sports Activity Vehicle – will get rhinoplasty to bring some ...


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