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2011 audi a6

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    Video: Just how tight are supplies of new Audi models?

    Audi has taken to the Web to poke fun at its own recent supply issues while sneaking in a quick jab at its competitors. The company claims that Mercedes, BMW and Lexus owners have been jumping ship to Audi in record numbers, which is why Ingolstadt can't keep its dealers stocked. The commercial ...

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    Video: Audi treats aluminum like Play-Doh in new A6 ad

    Audi has just released a new commercial to underscore the company's commitment to lighter materials in the 2012 A6. In its never-ending quest for better fuel economy and performance, the automaker has embraced aluminum as the material of choice for much of the sedan's unibody structure. The ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #218: 2012 Honda Civic, BMW "i", Chevy MyLink, and GMC Granite

    Click above for the Autoblog Podcast in iTunes, RSS or listen now!
    Autoblog Podcast #218 is here, and Chris, Dan, Chris Paukert and Zach return to talk about Chevrolet MyLink, the GMC Granite's rumored re-greenlighting, the 2012 Honda Civic and BMW's new "i" sub-brand. Questions and feedback ...

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    Audi teases next A6, confirms 2010 production date

    The car under the sheet in is the next Audi A6, scheduled to go into production later this year at Audi's Neckarsulum plant. How do we know that? Because Audi "revealed" it among a list of products being built there this year. Audi used a black sheet to tease the A8 a year ago, so we aren't sure ...

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    VIDEO: Are you the 2011 Audi A8? Or are you the 2011 Audi A6?

    2011 Audi A6 or 2011 Audi A8 - Click above to watch the video
    Well, is it? Hard to say. We do know that both a new Audi A8 and A6 are headed our way sooner rather than later. Sooner, as in the South Florida International Auto Show for one of the new Audis, and/or Geneva for the other. We're ...

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    Reader Spy: Next-gen Audi A6 caught in So-Cal... or is it an A8?

    Audi A6/A8 mystery mule - Click above for image gallery
    It's no secret that Audi will be introducing new versions of both of its biggest sedans in 2010. Redesigned iterations of the A6 and A8 are coming, with one possibly appearing at the Detroit Auto Show in January and the other likely to drop ...

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    Rendered speculation: 2011 Audi A6

    The next generation Audi A6 sedan is about a year away from its debut, but if this rendering is anything to go by, this year's Sportback concept will be the primary influence for Audi's redesigned mid-sizer. The Sportback provided the biggest evolution of Audi's design language since the debut of ...


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