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    One-off Bugatti Veyron Sang Blanc up for sale

    Long after the Bugatti Veyron will have sped off into the history books, we'll still be unraveling the convoluted web of all the associated special editions it spawned. One such example has just come to light and to the market. Like the similarly-named Sang Noir and Sang Bleu, this one-of-a-kind ...

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    Kia Hampsters win Nielsen's Top Auto Ad Award for second year in a row

    Kia has taken home the top honors in the Nielsen Automotive Ad of the Year awards for the second year in a row. The company's troupe of dancing hamsters managed to make the biggest impression on viewers in the "A New Way To Roll" spot in 2009 and the rodents managed to pull off a similar stunt ...

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    Autoblog's Most Popular Posts of 2010

    Murder and intrigue. Car crashes, dead bodies, motorcycle chases and, of course, sweet revenge. Are we describing the latest round of blockbuster summer movies or reading the latest New York Times best-seller? Nope, just recapping the ten most popular posts on Autoblog from 2010 as determined by ...

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    Autoblog's Top 10 Concept Cars of 2010

    Autoblog's Top 10 Concept Cars of 2010 – Click above to read the list
    Just under 70 concept cars were rolled out by automakers from around the globe at this year's major auto shows. These swoopy, futuristic showstoppers usually preview what's to come in terms of new designs and technology, ...

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    National Automotive History Collection dubs Chevy Camaro 'Collectible Car of the Future'

    2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you're looking for the most collectible American-made vehicle on sale right now, you might want to stop by your local Chevrolet dealer. According to the Friends of the National Automotive History Collection, the 2010 ...

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    Video: Kovalainen slides out of control Audi R8 GT at ROC

    Heikki Kovalainen crashes out at the 2010 Race of Champions – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The Race of Champions saw more action than usual this past weekend. In the very first round, Heikki Kovalainen managed to stuff his Audi R8 GT into the wall while going head to head ...

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    2011 Toyota Corolla will debut in LA with new nose

    2011 Toyota Corolla – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Toyota has given the Corolla a quick refresh for 2011, and we can expect to get our first in-the-flesh peak at the design at the 2010 LA Auto Show later this week. Toyota says it sought help from styling studios in Turin, Italy, ...

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    Ford F-150 gets in on the SEMA fun

    Ford has a history of showing off some wild concepts at SEMA, and this year the company has partnered with six different aftermarket companies to unveil a slew of F-Series concepts worked up just for SEMA 2010. The trucks range from slammed machines from the likes of Godfather Customs and The ...

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    Paris 2010: Renault Dezir concept is wild, twisted beauty

    Renault Dezir concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    var digg_url = ''; Don't let anyone tell you that Renault can't do a concept car. The French manufacturer pulled the sheets back on its ...

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    Report: Lamborghini to show off technology concept in Paris, not Jota

    Lamborghini Paris Motor Show teaser – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Well, color us surprised. According to the crew at Auto Guide, Lamborghini won't be pulling the sheets off the Jota at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Instead, the company plans to show off a single new technology ...

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    BMW introducing iPad docks for back seats, iPhone 4 integration

    BMW ConnectedDrive – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Good news, Apple fans. BMW has turned up the level of smart phone integration in its vehicles in a big way. The company will be showing off its new ConnectedDrive system at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The swank tech not only boasts ...

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    Report: Lamborghini bringing not one, but two new cars to Paris Motor Show

    Lamborghini Jota teaser – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The plot thickens. Word 'round the web is that the minds at Sant'Agata have something special planned for the Paris Motor Show. Lamborghini will be bringing not one, but two new models to France next month. The news comes ...

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    Tally Ho: Porsche delivers over 22,500 Panamera models in year one

    2010 Porsche Panamera 4S - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Perhaps on the corporate side Porsche hasn't had much to gloat about lately, but on the product side it's cigars and bubbly and told-ya-so's. When the Panamera took to the track it won its very first race in the Italian Supercar ...

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    Woman gets Kia Soul after passing drive test on 960th try

    Kia Soul – click above for high-res image gallery
    We like to think of ourselves as pretty determined folk here the United States. After all, our forebearers forged our country out of a wild and unsettling terrain, fought off tyrants, cooked up some of the most amazing inventions of the last ...

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    Consumer Reports picks side in V6 pony car wars

    2011 Ford Mustang V6 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you've found yourself stuck on the fence between the sultry styling of the Chevrolet Camaro V6 and the downright impressive sports car performance of the Ford Mustang V6, Consumer Reports may just have something to help you ...

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    2010 Belgian Grand Prix packs in the action [SPOILERS]

    2010 Belgian Grand Prix – Click above for high-res image gallery
    After the nearly month-long break that followed the Hungarian Grand Prix, F1 fans around the world have patiently awaited the return to business as usual on the grand prix circuit. And by business as usual, we mean ...

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    IndyCar: 2010 Peak Antifreeze and Motor Oil Indy 300 [SPOILERS]

    2010 Peak Antifreeze and Motor Oil Indy 300 from Chicagoland Speedway – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It might seem that the 2010 IndyCar championship is a foregone conclusion. After all, Team Penske's Will Power has a sizable lead in the standings and there are just four races ...

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    Suzuki Kizashi topples 200 mph at Bonneville for new Land Speed Record

    2010 Suzuki Kizashi takes Bonneville – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The crew from Suzuki and Road & Track officially hold the new Land Speed Record for the Blown Gas Coupe Category. The team wheeled out their modified 2010 Suzuki Kizashi to the Bonneville Salt Flats and ...

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    Ford says 2010 Taurus resale value up by whopping 39%

    2010 Ford Taurus SEL – Click above for high-res image gallery
    While most of the major mechanical systems of the Ford Taurus were unchanged from the 2009 to 2010 models, the all-new styling and interior has inspired people to more people to buy the shapelier four-door than its bland ...

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    NHTSA reportedly opens Kia Soul investigation after steering shaft failure

    2010 Kia Soul – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has opened an investigation into a potential problem with the Kia Soul. According to the Los Angeles Times, the government safety watchdog is looking into an incident where the ...


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