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2010 bmw

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    Report: Slow early sales have BMW thinking 5GT should've launched with six-cylinder

    2010 BMW 550i Gran Turismo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It appears that BMW may have overestimated the U.S. market appeal for high-end versions of the 550i Gran Turismo, and executives now acknowledge that the six-cylinder 535i probably should have been available at launch. ...

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    Big Stretch: BMW reveals long-wheelbase 5 Series for China [w/video]

    Chinese-market long-wheelbase BMW 5 Series – Click above for high-res image gallery. Videos after the jump
    If there's one thing a Mandarin enjoys, it's being chauffeured. And because China has no small number of the world's Mandarins, BMW has created a long-wheelbase 5 Series exclusively ...

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    Autotechnik + Tuning brings the rain with its Thunderstorm BMW M3

    Autotechnik + Tuning Thunderstorm BMW M3 -- Click above for image gallery
    Autotechnik + Tuning has done a job on the BMW M3, but if you don't look closely, you might miss it. Echoing a sentiment we love, they declare "At first glance you cannot estimate the scope of retrofitting." However, while ...

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    LA 2009: BMW ActiveHybrids get North American debut; 7 Series model priced from $103,125

    BMW ActiveHybrid X6 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    BMW took advantage of California's proclivity for greenwashing to give its ActiveHybrid models their North American debuts at the LA Auto Show. Just for good measure they also brought along the incredible Vision Efficient Dynamics ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW M3 caught with new LED taillamps

    2010 BMW M3 -- Click above for image gallery
    Just a couple of years into its run, this is your slightly revised BMW M3, free of camo save for the taillights. The photog on the scene said there is nothing we should expect from the next Munich mauler save for new LED lamps in back and an updated ...

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    First official shots of new BMW 5 Series leaked online

    2010 BMW F10 5-Series - Click above for image gallery
    BMW's official unveiling ceremony isn't until Monday, but a few authentic shots of the all-new "F10" BMW 5 Series are floating around cyberspace. These three low resolution images only give us a frontal glimpse of the upcoming 5 Series sedan, ...

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    BMW prices the ActiveHybrid X6 starting at $89,725

    2010 BMW X6 ActiveHybrid – Click above for high-res image gallery
    For your hard-earned $89,725, you can have your pick of V8-powered BMW X6s. That substantial pile of dosh will secure you the keys to the Bavarian automaker's monster 555-horsepower X6 M or its new X6 ActiveHybrid. Unlike ...

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    BMW's V8-powered 550i Gran Turismo starts at $64,725

    2010 BMW 535i Gran Turismo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    With the introduction of the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, BMW has filled a previously unimagined niche and elicited plenty of controversy in the process. Regardless, the first GT to go on sale in the US is the V8-powered 550i ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW 3 Series coupe and convertible get mild rhinoplasty

    The 3 Series coupe and convertible have had a little surgery done and been caught post-op. The actual changes aren't monumental, but up front appear to have quite an effect on the looks. We'll wait to see the uncovered version without the tape over the headlights before final judgments are issued, ...

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    Frankfurt 2009: BMW 7 Series Active Hybrid runs (almost) silent, runs deep

    2010 BMW ActiveHybrid 7 - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    BMW isn't taking any chances with its reputation for dynamics with the 7 Series Active Hybrid. To its 449-hp and 479-lb-ft 4.4-liter twin turbo V8 heart it adds a 60-pound, 35-cell lithium-ion battery in the boot. The battery ...


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