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2009 volkswagen gti

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    VIDEO: 2009 Volkswagen GTI VI on the move

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    The 2009 Volkwagen Golf GTI has made its official debut today at the 2008 Paris Motor Show today, but it will be a few weeks if not months before anyone, let alone us, gets time behind the wheel to sample this rapid rabbit. Fortunately we've found some ...

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    Paris 2008: 2009 Volkswagen GTI

    Click either above for high-res gallery of the 2009 Volkswagen GTI MkVI
    We're still sour that the Scirocco isn't making it to our shores, but Volkswagen is throwing us a bone with the restyled 2009 MK VI GTI. The new front end made a successful transition from the low-slung hatch that's beyond our ...

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    Next VW GTI puts out 210 hp, R version gets AWD and 270 hp

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2009 Volkswagen Golf
    Volkswagen's high-performance plans for the new Golf will spawn three new models, beginning with the new 210 hp GTI set to debut in Paris and go on sale in the middle of 2009. According to Automotive News, the Mk. VI GTI will sprint to ...


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