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2009 lincoln mks

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    Review: 2009 Lincoln MKS

    2009 Lincoln MKS – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The 2009 Lincoln MKS may be the marque's last chance at establishing a distinct image after two decades of struggling to find its identity. At one time Lincoln, like its counterparts at Cadillac, stood apart from lesser vehicles with ...

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    First Drive [w/VIDEO]: 2009 Lincoln MKS

    click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 Lincoln MKSEvery year, carmakers collectively trot out dozens of new concept vehicles at auto shows around the world. Some fraction of those end up making their way to production lines and onto the streets. Most of the exciting design ideas, however, get ...

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    LA 2007: 2009 Lincoln MKS revealed live [VIDEO]

    click above image to view new high-res live shots of the 2009 Lincoln MKSWith the momentum of 13 straight months of increased sales, the latest Lincoln bid to keep that trend going is the launch of the 2009 Lincoln MKS. The full-sized sedan will be initially launched with FWD, but will offer AWD as ...

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    LA 2007: 2009 Lincoln MKS brings new look to American luxury

    UPDATE 2: Video of MKS in motion added after the jumpUPDATE: Many more high-res pics added to galleryclick above image to view high-res gallery of the 2009 Lincoln MKS var digg_url = ''; For the past two ...

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    Spy Shots: 2009 Lincoln MKS spotted filming again

    click above image to view more new pics of the 2009 Lincoln MKSThe 2009 Lincoln MKS will make its official debut at the LA Auto Show in mid-November, but this luxury sedan-turned-Hollywood actor has already been spotted on the set of the new Batman movie in Chicago once before. A sharp-eyed reader, ...

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    Spy Shots: Interior of the 2009 Lincoln MKS

    click above image to view more spy pics of the 2009 Lincoln MKSThe spy photographers from KGP have been scoping out Lincoln MKS prototypes for a while, but this is the first time they've gotten close enough to get a clear view of the interior. The first thing we noticed is that the production ...


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