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2009 hummer h3t

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    More pricing details on the HUMMER H3T

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the HUMMER H3T.To say that HUMMER's launch timing for the H3T sport-utility-truck couldn't be worse seems like an understatement. Trucks which had been flying out of showrooms just a few short years ago are now languishing on dealer lots. What's more, the ...

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    HUMMER H3T starting at $31,495, sales begin September

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the HUMMER H3T.HUMMER is on the skids and pickups aren't flying off dealer lots, but if you're smitten with the H3 and need to haul more than its covered cargo bay can handle, the H3T is yours for the taking. Pricing starts at $31,495, including a $745 ...

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    Chicago 2008: HUMMER H3T makes unceremonious debut

    click above for more high-res shots of the 2009 HUMMER H3TYou've got to feel a little bad for the HUMMER H3T. While the rest of the crowd at GM's press conference had their focus set on the unveiling of the 2009 Chevy Traverse, the 2009 HUMMER H3T sat in the corner, all but ignored by camera-toting ...

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    VIDEO: HUMMER H3T in the round

    click above to view video of the 2009 HUMMER H3TThe recently announced 2009 HUMMER H3T holds a lot of promise for GM's ex-military brand. For one, it's a true truck with a separate cab and bed, which gives it some true truck capability compared to other crew cab unibody trucks on the market like ...

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    HUMMER H3T images published early by Truck Trend

    Photo courtesy of editor Mike Levine.Though the production version of the HUMMER H3T four-door pickup is not supposed to be seen before it debuts in a couple weeks at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show, images of the baby HUMMER truck have appeared early in the latest issue of Truck Trend ...

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    Spy Shots: 2009 HUMMER H3 SUT caught at Baja 1000

    click above image to enlargeThough HUMMER H3 SUT mules have been snapped with the long lens before, they're usually heavily guarded and tucked away on GM's proving grounds in Arizona or Milford, MI. For some inexplicable reason, however, this HUMMER H3T prototype has been seen driving around in ...


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