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2009 honda insight

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    ABG First Drive: 2010 Honda Insight, 63.4 mpg!

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the 2010 Honda Insight
    2009 is shaping up to be a big year for hybrids as Ford launches the Fusion and Milan hybrids, Toyota brings us the third generation Prius and the new Lexus HS250h and Honda revives the Insight brand. The original Insight was the ...

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    Leakage: Euro-spec 2009 Honda Insight

    Click above for a gallery of the Euro-spec 2009 Honda Insight
    We're still six days away from the official unveiling of the 2009 Honda Insight at the Detroit Auto Show, but the crew at Carscoop just couldn't wait to release images of the European-spec hybrid ahead of its debut.The Euro model shown ...

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    Leakage: Honda Insight coming to Japan with Sporty Modulo trim

    Click above for more shots of the leaked 2009 Honda Insight brochure
    As is so often the case these days, some early details regarding Honda's upcoming Prius-fighter have leaked out before the hybrid's official unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show. Included among the surprises is a Modulo-trimmed ...


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