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    Review: Review: 2008 BMW M3 Coupe

    2008 BMW M3 MT6 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Third-party performance tuners like Alpina, AMG, Brabus, Ruf and others have thrived in the land of the autobahn, typically modifying cars from one particular brand. In the late '70s, BMW became the first of the German automakers ...

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    2008 BMW M3 Coupe being marked up to $100,000

    Click above for more high-res pics of the 2008 BMW M3 CoupeWe've been getting reports from all over that the 2008 BMW M3 Coupe has begun to arrive in U.S. dealerships. Dealers, however, have also begun taking advantage of the high interest in these Bavarian über coupes by marking up the price. ...

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    Dutch fuzz get an E92 BMW M3 Coupe

    Click image for galleryDutch speeders take note: the police have a new weapon in which to chase you down and write you tickets. And with its 420-horsepower V8, it's more than capable as a pursuit vehicle. The car, of course, is the new 2008 BMW M3, and if the burnout shot at right is any ...

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    Photo Gallery: BMW releases new batch of M3 photos

    Click image for photo gallerySometimes, its nice to just take a break and look at pictures. We're here to help with that, as BMW UK has released a nice set of new right-hand-drive M3 photos for your enjoyment. Other than the fresh snaps, there's nothing new to tell about the V8-powered 2008 M3 ...

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    2008 BMW M3 coupe priced from £50,625 in UK

    click above image for more high-res shots of the 2008 BMW M3We're admittedly smitten over the new BMW M3 coupe and have passed along every morsel of information we've come across over the past few months. With the new M3 officially unveiled, however, the only real question left unanswered is how ...

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    Officially Official: Introducing the 2008 BMW M3 Coupé

    Click image for 35 high-res photos var digg_url = ''; We knew this was coming because the story broke a few days ago (Thanks, AutoWeek!), but it's always helpful when the automakers back it up with scads of photographs ...


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