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2008 honda fit

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    Honda recalling 143,000 Fit hatchbacks over potential headlight loss

    2007 Honda Fit Sport – Click above for high-res image gallery
    American Honda has announced that it is recalling over 140,000 Fit hatchbacks due to a "potential loss of low-beam headlight functionality," the automaker has told CNN. A total of 143,083 Fits from the 2007 and 2008 model years ...

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    Tokyo Motor Show: 2008 Honda Fit gets Civic-minded makeover

    Click the image above for a gallery of live and press shots of the new Honda Fit.Honda's redesigned Fit was on the floor for all and sundry to kick tires, snap photos and enjoy the economy-class interior provided by the Big-H's sub-compact offering. Although the Fit apes the styling of the ...

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    Mugen lays hands upon 2008 Honda Fit/Jazz

    click above image to view more pics of the Mugen Honda FitThere's usually less than a week between the time a new vehicle is introduced by Honda and Mugen debuts its own hotted up version. Such is the case with the 2008 Honda Fit, also known as the Jazz in other markets, including Japan. The 2008 ...

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    2008 Honda Fit bows in Japan

    UPDATE: 60+ images added to the gallery.Click the image above for more high-res images.The second-generation Honda Fit drops in Japan on October 26th. The new Fit refines the basic recipe of the current car, marrying innovative packaging and a carved-out interior with efficient mechanicals. Honda ...


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