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2008 ford taurus

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    In the Autoblog Garage: 2008 Ford Taurus Limited AWD

    click above image to view complete high-res gallery of the 2008 Ford TaurusFord knew what it was doing handing me the keys to a 2008 Ford Taurus Limited AWD. I'm a self-professed Taurus fan, counting the 1991 Ford Taurus SHO Plus as one of my favorite cars of all time. I consider the Taurus one of ...

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    Ford Taurus safety ads set to go live

    click above image to view both versions of Ford's new ads for the 2008 TaurusWhile Ford seemingly let its large front-wheel-drive sedan languish in obscurity when it was called the Five-Hundred, it doesn't intend to make the same mistake now that it's called the Taurus. We told you at the beginning ...

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    CONFIRMED: Taurus, Taurus X and Sable return for 2008

    Click for a mini gallery of Taurus, Taurus X and SableLet this be a lesson to Ford: if you have a web page up on your servers, it is LIVE even if you don't have a link published for it. The proof comes courtesy of Blue Oval News, where one of their forum posters played around with URL strings and ...


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