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55First Toyota unintended acceleration case headed for trial

Toyota is going to be back in the spotlight, as the first of its unintended acceleration lawsuits is headed for trial. This case covers a Los Angeles sushi shop owner, Noriko Uno. According to the what the family told The Detroit News, Uno only put about 10,000 miles on her 2006 Toyota Camry in four years. Uno was apparently afraid of high speeds, avoiding the freeway and taking a route home along LA's surface streets to avoid them.

22Power line ignites squirrel. Squirrel ignites Camry.

A Bayonne, NJ squirrel sadly met his maker this week after chewing through an overhead power line. Apparently unaware that eating through shielded electrical cable does not yield a pleasant surprise in the middle like what one might find in, say, a Tootsie Pop, it was "Flame On, Johnny!" for our furry friend. Off the powerline he went, falling onto a 2006 Toyota Camry parked below. In a posthumous act of defiance that may or may not have been an editorial statement directed at Toyota's "Committe

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