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    Video: BMW 02 Series mini-documentary makes us fall in love all over again

    BMW's current reputation of building Ultimate Driving Machines can be traced back through history all the way to 1966, when the German automaker introduced the world to its 1600-2 two-door at the Geneva Motor Show. The car's name was simplified in 1971 to BMW 1602, and it went on to spawn the ...

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    Video: Cars I See stays with BMW for its second episode

    Frazer Spowart told the story of a devoted BMW E30 owner in the first installment of Cars I See. Now for the second episode, the subject is a 1972 BMW 2002 that's lavished with love by Patrick Burns, who's BMW affliction is inherited from his father Wendell. There's forty years of soul in ...

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    BMW 2002 makes for one unique rat rod [w/video]

    The enthusiast world typically falls into two camps: those who love rat rods and those that loathe them. As with every corner of automotive world, not all rats are created equally, but we tend to find ourselves firmly rooted in the former camp more often than not. That's especially true when we ...

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    Video: Depth of Speed turns its lenses on BMW's legendary 2002

    Depth of Speed's third episode pays homage to the BMW 2002. As you're probably aware, the 2002 inspires unparalleled enthusiasm and passion in its owners. In this installment, Depth of Speed spends some time with a beautiful Inka Orange 2002. We dare you to say you don't want one after watching ...

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    Is the Citroën DS the Ultimate Legend on Wheels? If not, what is?

    To mark the 125th anniversary of the automobile, Auto News Europe is hosting a poll to determine which car represents the Ultimate Legend on Wheels. The Citroën DS is certainly near the top of our list of contenders, but the organizers have put together a group of 130 candidates, so ...

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    Toyota extends Tundra rust recall to include 2000-03 models, totalling 110,000 trucks

    If you've been following the Toyota Tundra rust saga, you're aware that NHSTA recently requested data from Toyota about the purported frame corrosion affecting 2000 and 2001 models. Today, Toyota has extended that recall to include the 2002-03 model years, saying that a small number of trucks ...

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    VIDEO: More 1-Series goodness

    click image above to view videoThe BMW 1-Series looks like it's going to be a well-placed shot in the arm for BMW. The sporty coupe will hit the scene in the U.S. just as Americans are becoming more interested in rear-wheel-drive vehicles again. And it's also a small car in a time when buyers are ...

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    NHTSA digging deeper into Volkswagen Passat engine fires

    Back in May, it was reported that 2000-2003 Volkswagen Passats were currently under investigation by NHTSA due to 19 reports of engine fires supposedly caused by a failure in the coil pack. That number has since swelled to 78 over the last few months, and now includes two reported injuries as a ...

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    BMW expects the 1-series to lure enthusiasts back into the fold

    There has been considerable debate among enthusiasts as to whether or not BMW is living up to its "Ultimate Driving Machine" slogan. A lot has changed since the 2002 was introduced in the late 60s, but BMW is looking to stoke the flames of physics enthusiasts, beginning with the importation of the ...

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    Autoblog Night Watch: BMW 3-Series retrospective

    The BMW 3-series has been the benchmark sports sedan for over three decades. We're not obsessive Bimmer-philes, but we know a good thing when we drive it and it's a rare occasion when we're let down by BMW's smallest sedan. This 22 minute PR-ified exploration of the 3-series, traces its origins, ...


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