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1974 Dodge Dart Hang Ten – Click above for high-res image gallery


According to the head of France's Oil Giant company Total, oil is still "too inexpensive." This surprising statement is what Total's CEO Christopher de la Margerie said in an interview for French economy magazine Revenu. Even at more than $130 a barrel, he said that oil is still cheaper than in 1974, once we discount inflation. He continues by saying that if oil was actually too expensive, it would discourage demand in countries like China and other emerging economies (it isn't). He also claimed


How much would you pay to bump up your car's miles per gallon rating up by 25 percent? Back in 1974, Car and Driver discovered that just $11 (about $50 when adjusted for inflation) was enough to make a Ford Pinto achieve this increase. The changes, discovered and posted by our friends at Ecomodder, didn't touch the engine and included removing fan blades, installing a front air dam and partially blocking the grill, were cheap and effective. Not all can be performed on today's vehicles, but it ju

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