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    Report: Alfa Romeo 159 heading for the edgy dustbin of history

    Say what you will about the Alfa Romeo 159, but it's arguably one of the most attractive sports sedans on the (foreign) market. And when it's gone, it will be missed. But gone is precisely what it will be soon, as the Fiat group begins its gradual discontinuation. According to reports, ...

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    Rendered Speculation: 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulia... will it be worth the wait?

    Motor Trend has posted its best guess of the Alfa Romeo Giulia (née 159). It isn't a bad looking car, but like a previous speculative take on the car, it look like the Mito nose has simply been pasted on another rear end – in this case, that of the Opel Insignia. In MT's image, The ...

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    Geneva Leakage: 2009 Alfa Romeo 159

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2009 Alfa Romeo 159
    If anything comes out of the Chrysler/Fiat partnership (and we doubt anything will) we're desperately looking forward to a range of Alfa Romeo products in the States. Right behind the Brera on our imaginary wish-list is this: the 2009 ...

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    Spy Shots: Alfa Romeo readies Ferrari-powered RS4, M3 eater

    A $200,000 supercar, a return to America, and now this: the Alfa Romeo 159 GTA is expected to scrap the planned twin-turbo Holden-built V6 and go straight for the V8 from the F430. With the Ferrari V8, Alfa has a chance at getting an invitation to the C63, M3, and RS4 party. There would be plenty ...

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    Alfa Romeo gets Maserati backing to come to the US

    In a move that makes sense, instead of Alfa Romeo needing to develop its own dealer network, Maserati dealers will be expected to sell Alfas in a couple years' time. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne said Maserati will be in the black again this year, after 17 years in a red sea. With its new gearbox ...

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    Sharp gets sharper: Novitec Alfa Romeo 159

    Click on the image above to view in high-resolution If Novitec's mods to the sublime Ferrari F430 struck you as overkill, you might want to take a look at another one of its creations, focusing on a car ever-so-slightly more in need of the tuning house's attention. The Alfa Romeo 159 is hailed as ...

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    Alfa puts the 159 on Atkins

    Excess weight is the enemy of every automobile. Extra pounds will make a car slower at the top end, more sluggish off the line, wobblier in the corners, more lethargic under braking, guzzle more gas and expel more toxic fumes...among other problems. It can render an otherwise great car imperfect. ...

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    Sharp gets sharper: Alfa 159 ti

    The Alfa Romeo 159 is arguably the most beautiful sedan on the market, but Alfa's raising the stakes with the new ti package. The sporty trim-level will be formally unveiled at next year's Geneva show, but we've got the details for you a little early. The Turismo Internazionale label is an ...

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    Alfa Romeo 159 spotted in L.A.

    We're still a little unsure if Alfa Romeo's triumphant return to U.S. soil will take place, but this sighting of a 159 in the heart of Los Angeles gives us a bit more hope. The source of the photos is from AlfaBB, an Alfa-centric site whose moderator, italcarguy, was fortunate enough to get some ...

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    Fiat reveals release dates for a dozen Alfas, Fiats and Lancias

    Typically we get production announcements from manufacturers one model at a time, if not one brand at a time, but the Fiat Group has released their full production schedule for the Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Fiat brands for the next few years. We'll get right into the good stuff with the most ...

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    Autodelta Alfa Brera

    The Alfa Romeo Brera is quite possibly the most beautiful car on the market, but reviews have lamented the lack of "go" to accompany the "show". Alfa tuners extraordinaire Autodelta have answered the call with the Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C. The first Autodelta based on the new generation of Alfas ...

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    CONFIRMED - Alfa returns to U.S. at end of 2009 with three-model lineup

    Autoweek is confirming that Alfa Romeo's long awaited return to the U.S. won't happen until the end of 2009 so that it will coincide with the company's 100-year anniversary. Preparation for reinsertion into the U.S. marketplace appears to be going well, as the proposed three-car lineup comprised of ...


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