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    Rendered Speculation: Alfa Romeo Milano, the next 147

    Although Car magazine says the coming Alfa Romeo Milano (nee 147) is "quite different from the Mito mini," their rendering of the car makes it look an awful lot like a Mito with two more doors. Not that there's anything wrong with that, since it just means more of a good thing. Compared to its 147 ...

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    Spy Shots: Next Alfa Romeo Milano spotted

    One of the Alfa Romeos the U.S. buying public got to know (and largely ignore) was the Milano. Back then, the Milano was a wedgy, compact sedan with a proper trunk. From the looks of things, Alfa is prepared to resurrect the Milano name, only this time it won't go on another sedan. Instead, it's ...

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    Spy Shots: Alfa Romeo 149

    To replace its aging 147 hatchback, Alfa Romeo is going with two separate models. The 3-door version is being replaced by a little sport-hatch tentatively known as the Junior, of which we've seen countless spy shots and teasers. The 5-door, we'd been told, was being replaced by an entirely ...

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    Alfa brings back the Quadrifoglio Verde for dying models

    True, red-blooded Alfa Romeo fans will remember the Clover Leaf emblem, and not just from the red car in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The badge was used on Alfa's most successful racing cars and most powerful road cars. Now the Quadrifoglio Verde is coming back to grace two new top-of-the-line ...

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    Stonermobile: Alfa Romeo 147 Ducati

    If you're expecting an Italian take on a VW bus, you're thinking of the wrong kind of stoner, hippie. That's Stoner with a capital S, as in Casey Stoner, Ducati's star rider who's riding this year to the MotoGP title. To commemorate the victory, Alfa Romeo teamed up with Ducati Corse to produce ...

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    Alfa Romeo offers limited edition 147 Collezione

    As if we needed another reason to lust after even an entry-level Alfa Romeo, the Italian carmaker has taken the wraps off its latest special edition: the 147 Collezione. The Collezione edition comes packed with standard features, including seventeen-inch multi-spoked alloy rims, a distinctive ...

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    SPY SHOTS: Alfa 149 prototype

    Fans of Italian cars have been eagerly anticipating the replacement of the Alfa Romeo 147, currently the company's entry-level model. Alfa's working on a new "junior" model to slot below it in the line-up while it prepares a genuine replacement, expected to carry the 149 nameplate. The current ...

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    More insight into new Alfa Romeo 149

    This just in from Info Motori: some concept sketches of Alfa Romeo's upcoming 147-replacement, the 149. OK, so they are just a few more illustrations to go along with the dozen or so others floating around out there, but with Alfa poised for a U.S. comeback and products like the 8C and Brera out ...

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    Spectacular Alfa Romeo 8c not headed for production after all?

    Alfa Romeo's spectacular 8c Competizione may not make it into showrooms after all. This, according to website Fastdrive, which says that the decision was reached by Ferrari bigwig Luca di Montezemolo out of concern that the sexy coupe cannibalize would sales from Maserati's 4200GT. As a ...


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