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    Official: 2014 Honda Grom motorcycle is a 125cc-shot of awesome [w/video]

    My very first turn at the handlebars of a motorcycle came courtesy of an MSF Honda CB125. Despite the fact that it wore a very stern sticker on the tank warning all who rode that it was for instructional purposes only and not for legal sale, I wanted nothing more than to ride it past the cones of ...

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    Video: 125cc shifter karts lap Laguna Seca

    Shifter karts at Laguna Seca – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Few forms of motorsport offer up a more pure driving experience than going tire to tire in a shifter kart. Likewise, of the many storied and excellent tracks of the world, Laguna Seca holds a special place in the the ...

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    KTM Duke 125cc not fit for U.S. consumption [w/video]

    KTM Duke 125 – Click above to enlarge
    KTM has somewhat unequal helpings of good and bad news for riders salivating over the thought of the company's new 125cc creation. The marketing gurus have finally settled on a name for the contraption, and despite some fears that the Austrian ...

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    Video: KTM teases new 125cc heathen

    KTM 125cc teaser – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The poor little 125cc bikes of the universe rarely get the love of their larger-displacement siblings. Typically banished to the rider education programs of the world, the one-and-a-quarters are quickly forgotten in favor of ...


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