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    Time Machine: the DeLorean wristwatch

    Say what you will of the late John DeLorean, but when push came to shove, he never tired of searching for creative ways to promote his business interests. One of the last initiatives he undertook was a time machine of sorts. Not quite like the one that immortalized his creation -- the ...

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    When eight ain't enough: Rotora 12-piston caliper

    The folks at Rotora, purveyors of all manner of high-quality stopping components, have just released their newest brake setup that employs twelve pistons, clamping either 15- or 16-inch rotors. The use of that many pistons ensures that pedal modulation, clamping force and an even distribution of ...

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    Tuner Tuesdays: Maserati MC12 XX by Edo Competition

    In the world of modern Italian exotic supercars, a surprising share of the field has stemmed from one car: the Ferrari Enzo. It is in and of itself one of the best performing cars of all time, shattering previous records and nearby windows in the process. But it didn't stop there: the Enzo had ...

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    12-Second Thrillers at the Mazda MX-5 micro-site

    Mazda's new micro-site for the MX-5 hard-top convertible is a load of fun, placing its coupe-cabrio in a variety of ridiculous situations to demonstrate the *ahem* life-saving capabilities of what Mazda claims is "the world's fastest retractable hardtop". Visitors to the site can create their ...


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