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    Video: Runway Rumble: Nissan GT-R, Ducati 1098 and Lamborghini Reventon Roadster battle it out

    One 2.5-mile runway, three different ways to take off: a Ducati 1098, a tuned Nissan GT-R with 580 horsepower and a launch control upgrade, and a Lamborghini Reventon Roadster. You'd naturally expect the Ducati to assert it's lightweight, high-horsepower authority in these matters, but with more ...

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    Two Wheels: "Kill Me Fast" Ducati collection is morbidly-named motorcycle art

    Ask anyone with a set of functional optic nerves and they'll tell you that Ducati is responsible for crafting some of the most gorgeous two-wheeled machines on the planet. It's something that the bike manufacturer just can't seem to help. Danish artist Kristian van Hornsleth has responded to the ...

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    Video: Godzilla versus the Ducati 1098 superbike

    Ducati 1098 versus Nissan GT-R – Click above to watch the video after the break
    What happens when you line a motorcycle up with a car on a racetrack? As always, the answer is up for debate and depends on the vehicles being compared, the track they are running on, track and weather ...

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    Ducati 1098 named the 2008 International Bike of the Year

    Ducati and its awe-inspiring 1098 has delivered a knockout blow to its competitors with the 2008 International Bike of the Year trophy, winning the coveted award with 22 total votes, 13 higher than the next closest motorcycle, the Triumph Street Triple. This award goes to the best motorcycle of ...

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    Ducati 1098 R: 180 horsepower, 364 pounds, traction control... il pił bello

    click above for a full gallery of Ducati 1098 R imagesThis is truly the best Ducati bike that you are likely to get your hands on, considering that the Desmosedici RR MotoGP replica is probably out of reach and certainly sold out. Don't feel bad, though, 'cause the 1098 R is a most excellent ...


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