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    Official: Citroën C1 / Peugeot 107 twins refreshed

    Citroën and Peugeot have released the first volley of information and images on their refreshed C1 and 107 runabouts. The Citroen C1 will bow with a new face, complete with a shorter hood, redesigned foglamp housings and new LED daytime running lights. The vehicle's rear valance has also ...

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    FIA considers re-instituting 107% qualification threshold to keep out the riffraff

    If you've been following this year's Formula One World Championship and wonder how the backmarkers – mostly the new teams that joined the grid for 2010 – have been allowed to compete given their lagging performance, know that the FIA is on top of things. According to emerging ...

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    Sport Excess? No, Sport XS from Peugeot

    Click for appropriately tiny photo galleryA couple of weeks ago, we saw Citroën's sportified (looks-only) C1, the Chrono. This week, we get Peugeot's version, which looks a lot better. It's called the 107 Sport XS, but really, there's nothing excessive (or would that be "XSive"...) about it at ...


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