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0 percent financing

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    GM offering 0% financing for month of March

    General Motors just posted a 12-percent sales increase for the month of February, and now the automaker is hoping to continue its strong sales trend by offering 0 percent financing for 60 months on sales that occur during the month of March. Curiously, this announcement comes just a few days ...

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    How Thoughtful: Lamborghini offering 0% financing on new Murciélago LP640 models

    Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    A Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 starts at around $350,000 and can quickly crest $400,000 with the addition of a few options and a dropable top, and the LP640-4 starts at $450,000. That's a lot of coin to be ...

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    GM: Take our cars please! - 0% financing extended until 7/07

    This Independence Day might be the time for waving the red, white, and blue, but GM wants to nab some green, too. The automaker is extending its 0-percent financing sale, which it kicked off on June 24th as the "72-hour sale," until July 7th. The extension of the special financing offer allows ...

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    GM launching zero-percent financing sale, raises prices by 3.5 percent

    During a dealer teleconference today, General Motors announced it would be launching a zero-percent financing sale beginning tomorrow, while simultaneously raising the prices of its 2009 vehicles. The "72-hour sale" will run from June 24th through the 30th, and will offer customers 0-percent ...

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    Ford brings summer incentives to buyers

    In a move that's as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, automakers are beginning to offer more sales incentives to boost summer sales figures. Ford is no exception, and as of today, those willing to drive away in a new Blue Oval offering can benefit from zero-percent ...

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    March Madness: GM brings back 0% financing and cash rebates

    General Motors has decided to bring back 0% and reduced-rate financing on many of its models to save its sales efforts for March. No doubt the General is keen on putting up positive numbers for the month to compliment the other bits of good news that have signaled its turnaround may have turned the ...

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    Chrysler extends Employee Pricing incentives

    We doubt that anyone thinks this is a surprise, given the Chrysler Group's abysmal sales performance and mounting inventory, but the company announced Tuesday that it has extended its Employee Pricing Plus discount program for another month, to August 31.The program will continue unchanged, with ...

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    GM announces new incentives through end of summer

    Today General Motors announced a new discount program for Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Saab and Saturn (not Cadillac and HUMMER) that features a little bit of cash back and a lot of 0% financing. The industry is seeing a larger than normal number of people opt for financing because of rising ...

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    Ford announces "Drive On Us" free gas program

    Meanwhile, Ford is once again following GM's lead by offering a similar incentive program at the center of which is the current high price of gas. FoMoCo has launched a nationwide "Drive on Us" sales incentive program, offering not only zero percent financing but free gas for the rest of the year ...

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    Chrysler extends 0% financing a little longer

    The Chrysler Group apparently isn’t done cleaning house and is extending its offer of 0% financing on select vehicles through the end of March. The company originally announced its “0% is Back” promotion back at the beginning of February. Unlike that promotion, the deal in March ...


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