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2013 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

Little Daimler Child Finally Nails It With Electrons Since the official launch of the Smart Fortwo in October 1998, the little company within Daimler has never made a profit. Far from it. Not for lack of trying, certainly. Many of us know well the story of myriad attempts to force the world to adopt the Smart way of living in the automotive sense, only to have the various chapters conclude in a disillusioning crash and financial burn. Smart is still trying desperately to find its proper path as a global player that sells rather well – and not just in London and a few Italian... Read More

Vital Stats

Electric Magneto Motor
74 hp; 96 lb-ft of torque
Single Gear
$25,000 (base)
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    Smart fortwo
    First Drive: 2011 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive makes a lot of sense for a few people

    As a population, the way we approach transportation hasn't changed significantly since the aircraft first fluttered onto the scene way back in 1903. In over 100 years, we've simply been refining the recipe we know the best instead of coming up with a new brew all together. Doing so has inextricably tied our civilization to the internal combustion engine, ...

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    Smart fortwo
    Review: 2009 Smart ForTwo Cabriolet undone by tricky transmission

    The Smart ForTwo isn't for shy people. Even though Smart USA has sold about 30,000 of these tiny two-seaters in the U.S., the little rollerskate attracts a lot of attention. On the road or in America's parking lots, the ForTwo is a conversation piece, and people don't hesitate to come up and talk to you. Some will tell you about the Smart they saw in ...

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