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2012 Scion iQ

Smarter "Not so 'Smart' after all?" The older gentleman in the grocery store parking lot asked as I wheeled my loaded cart to the back of the 2012 Scion iQ. On the contrary, sir. After he finished chuckling and drove away, I successfully loaded $150 worth of groceries into the iQ's cargo area, including a pallet of 24 water bottles. And upon returning to my loft, I effortlessly backed the little Scion underneath the awning that covers the entrance to my building, keeping myself out of the rain while unloading my goods. Seems pretty smart to me. But that's not the only reason... Read More

Vital Stats

1.3L I4
95 HP / 89 LB-FT
$18,427 as tested
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    Scion iQ
    First Drive: 2012 Scion iQ

    Scion's Supermini Outsmarts Smart Despite a flurry of media attention at launch, sales of the Smart ForTwo have done a nosedive since its Stateside debut in 2008. Unsurprising, considering you could strap a lawnmower engine onto Yao Ming's left rollerskate and build a better car. But the ForTwo wasn't a failure of vision, it was a botched execution. Yet ...

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