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2012 Scion iQ

Smarter "Not so 'Smart' after all?" The older gentleman in the grocery store parking lot asked as I wheeled my loaded cart to the back of the 2012 Scion iQ. On the contrary, sir. After he finished chuckling and drove away, I successfully loaded $150 worth of groceries into the iQ's cargo area, including a pallet of 24 water bottles. And upon returning to my loft, I effortlessly backed the little Scion underneath the awning that covers the entrance to my building, keeping myself out of the rain while unloading my goods. Seems pretty smart to me. But that's not the only reason... Read More

Vital Stats

1.3L I4
95 HP / 89 LB-FT
$18,427 as tested
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    Scion iQ
    Toyota working on iQ Spider?

    The rumormill continues to churn today with talk of a small roadster from Toyota based on iQ underpinnings. It is definitely true that the automaker spent a ton of money on the new platform and its extremely unique seating arrangement. There are a number of detail changes on the iQ meant to minimize size, including a new differential arrangement, flat ...

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    Scion iQ
    LA Preview: Toyota iQ coming to U.S. as a Scion?

    Toyota's entry-level and hip Scion brand needs a bit of a pick-me-up, as the marque's sales are down even in the face of high fuel prices here in the United States. Scion could end up getting that new product it so desperately needs in the form of Toyota's radical new iQ. According to Motor Trend, the new iQ will make its debut in production form as a ...

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    Scion iQ
    Toyota iQ could come Stateside wearing Scion badge

    Rumors have been swirling over the past few months that Toyota was considering bringing its iQ mini-car to the States, and according to MotorTrend that's exactly what's going to happen at the LA Auto Show this November, where Toyota will unveil a U.S.-spec iQ wearing Scion badges.The iQ – originally destined for sale in Japan and Europe – ...

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    Scion iQ
    Toyota considering Indian plant for small car production

    Click above for more high-res images of the Toyota iQToyota has been working on an affordable small car that will be cost-competitive in emerging markets, and Autocar is reporting that India is being considered as a destination for production. India makes sense due to its low-cost labor, and with competitors like the Tata Nano going for as little as $2,500, ...

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    Scion iQ
    Geneva 2008: Production Toyota iQ unveiled, smart in sight

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Toyota iQ. In what was arguably the largest press conference here in Geneva, Toyota unveiled the production version of its ultra-compact city car, the iQ. Originally shown in concept form during last year's Frankfurt Motor Show, the production iQ remains true to its conceptual forbearer, combining short overhangs ...

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    Scion iQ
    Frankfurt 2007: It ain't the Endo it's the Toyota iQ

    Click the image above for more high-res pics of the Toyota iQ."Flame surfacing comes to the smart." That was our first thought when we laid eyes upon Toyota's newest concept, the iQ. The 2980mm 3+1 practically shares every dimension with its big brother the Yaris, except length, and comes equipped with all sorts of innovative packaging. Normally a ...

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