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Ram Recalls

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    Dodge recalling 72,000 Rams and nearly 17,000 Journeys from 2008-09

    The 2008 and 2009 Dodge Ram and 2009 Dodge Journey are being recalled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, each for a different reason. The Ram's windshield wiper motor isn't adequately protected from water, so it could fail completely due to water intrusion. Initial numbers suggest 72,138 Rams are affected. The fix is a stop at the ...

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    Chrysler recalling over 180,000 vehicles

    According to Reuters, the big D.C. has got some problems with their inflatable safety devices.It would seem that a rear-facing child seat might come into contact with the airbag after it deploys. The recall is going to entail bringing back 145,000 Dodge Ram pickups for an airbag modification, in addition to another 15,000 trucks that will also have their ...

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