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2015 Porsche Macan Turbo

I knew it was a softball question, but I asked it anyway. It's pretty standard for automakers to offer up some examples of competitors when they invite the media to drive a new vehicle for the first time. If not stated outright, it's just as standard for some journalist to query about the competitive set as soon as the Q&A begins. I knew full well that Porsche believes it has a valuable new niche to itself with the 2015 Macan (and especially with the Macan Turbo), but I wanted to hear the answer to the competitor cars question anyway. Porsche CEO Matthias Müeller didn't... Read More

Vital Stats

Twin-Turbo 3.6L V6
400 HP / 406 LB-FT
7-Speed DCT
Base Price:
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    Porsche Macan
    Spy Shots: Porsche Macan caught completely uncovered

    Porsche is preparing to launch its sub-Cayenne CUV, with a suspected debut at the 2013 Los Angeles International Auto Show, which means we're right about at the point where undisguised models start scampering around the cities and towns of Germany. Our spy photographers snagged just such a model, with only the headlights and taillights concealed by ...

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    Porsche Macan
    Spy Shots: Porsche Macan spied, all lit up and dodging flurries

    We've seen the upcoming Porsche Macan testing on surface roads and even on the Nürburgring, but here we have our first spy shots showing a disguised prototype doing some winter testing in snowy conditions. Still obscured by plenty of camouflage attempting to mimic its larger Cayenne sibling, we still can't get a clear look at what the Macan's face ...

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    Porsche Macan
    Video: Porsche Macan caught barely disguised in motion

    Even though Porsche engineers left their Macan crossover sitting in the darkness behind a gas station in Stuttgart, it was spotted and briefly photographed and videoed. It looks like the same worse-for-wear mule's that's been popular with photographers for a few months now, its camo-clad exterior and a bit of its interior no longer secrets. What we can ...

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    Porsche Macan
    Spy Shots: Porsche Macan snapped testing, first glimpse of interior seen

    What's this? More spy shots of the same Macan test mule we saw a few months ago? Yes. But this time, we've also got a few glimpses into the interior.This Macan is also wearing different wheels, has roof rails, and sports quad exhaust pipes. We're still waiting for some concrete information about Porsche's Audi Q5-based crossover, which goes into ...

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    Porsche Macan
    Spy Shots: Porsche Macan CUV takes shape

    Our spy photographers have given us our first clear glimpse at the upcoming Porsche Macan. While the test machine we see here wears some Cayenne camouflage, there's little hiding the small CUV's roof line. Based on the Audi Q5, the Macan will boast plenty of suspension tweaks by the minds at Porsche to put the crossover more in line with the sports car ...

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