Pontiac Vibe

2009 Pontiac Vibe – Click above for high-res image gallery When the original Pontiac Vibe hit dealer showrooms for the 2003 model year, it was a different kind of General Motors vehicle in just about every way. Sure, it wore a Pontiac badge and had that horrible plastic cladding hanging…

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2010 Pontiac Vibe
MSRP: $16,100 - $20,875
2009 Pontiac Vibe
MSRP: $16,100 - $20,875
2008 Pontiac Vibe
MSRP: $16,855 - $16,855
2007 Pontiac Vibe
MSRP: $16,760 - $16,760
2006 Pontiac Vibe
MSRP: $16,430 - $20,105
Airbag recall adds 85k Pontiac Vibes to tally

The repairs needed for the faulty airbag inflators supplied by Takata continue to expand. Toyota initially announced a recall of 766,300 vehicles equipped with the bad part on June 11 as a followup to a campaign from 2013. Soon after, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened a preliminary evaluation into five automakers who also used the component in their models. Now, NHTSA has released the official announcement of the latest Toyota recall listing 844,277 affected cars, includi
GM repairing 40,500 Pontiac Vibes as part of Toyota airbag recall

General Motors has confirmed to Autoblog that the Pontiac Vibe is included in Toyota's just-announced recall action. The Vibe and the Toyota Matrix share a large number of parts, including the affected cable to the airbag.
Toyota issues multiple recalls for 6.4 million vehicles worldwide [UPDATE]

UPDATE: The text below has been amended to include new details provided by Toyota.

For Sale

2009 Pontiac Vibe
$10,540 / 77,505 miles / VA
2009 Pontiac Vibe
$9,995 / 108,872 miles / PA
2006 Pontiac Vibe
$8,000 / 99,100 miles / PA
"The Vibe's sporty looks are backed up by a well-sorted suspension that delivers a comfortable ride around town and responsive handling.