Never mind the fact that this is a Ford Pinto, a car that has been plagued by safety issues throughout its life, most notably a serious rear fire hazard. No, it's the incredible state of disarray that this Pinto was found in that makes it perhaps the most unsafe car we have ever come across.

The driver of the Pinto (yes, it drives) was pulled over by a Minnesota State Trooper and was cited for unsafe equipment and driving without a license. The car was then impounded.

But click through these photos from the Minnesota State Patrol's Facebook page and you'll see that "unsafe equipment" is a bit of an understatement. We think "rolling death trap" is a little more accurate of a description of this vehicle. Seriously, you won't believe this.

First off, the body of the car looks like it's about to fall off. There is serious corrosion on the outside, especially above the wheels.

Peering inside, we can see how insanely unsafe this car is. The floor on the driver's side is completely gone. You can see all the way to the ground.

The passenger side has the same issue. This huge hole might not seem like that big of an issue until you see what is teetering right next to it...

Yep, that's a gas can balancing on a tire. And that gas can is full. How do we know that? See next slide...

We know the gas can is full because it is functioning as the gas tank for the car's engine! This hose leads out the window and under the hood.

Pop the hood and we can see that the hose is indeed connected to the Pinto's engine. We suppose some points for creativity are due here, but keeping an full tank of gas inside of your car next to a huge hole in the floor simply takes crazy and/or stupid to an entirely new level.

This final shot also shows just how nasty the car is on the inside. How in the world could someone sit in a car like this? We're at a loss.

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