Winner John A. Frye of South Pasadena, California
  • Winner John A. Frye of South Pasadena, California
  • John’s version of the light bike blew our minds.  It brought us a vision of a biker gang coming to the world of Tron, with tuned cycles and cruises around a digital landscape.  The vehicle’s proportion is excellent, with the driver sitting behind the engine, gripping the handlebars like a cowboy holding the mane of a powerful stallion. I can almost hear the electric rumble of the engine now. The sketch was done in an artful style that really showcases John’s work. It’s not over-rendered, relying on the contrast of light as it glowed against the surely titanium body of the techno beast.  This sketch is worthy of being printed on a canvas and hung on a wall in our offices.

  • US Honorable Mention Izaak Moody
  • Izaak did a great job making a muscular, tectonic vehicle.  In his sketch, the light bike looks like it just finished a race, with turbine-like wheels cooling down as the rider stands watch

  • US Honorable Mention Vaughn Ling
  • This concept from Vaughan Ling is pretty sexy.  Vaughan captures the speedform of a light bike by incorporating influences from aeronautics, with jet plane aerodynamics and sheet metal.

  • US Honorable Mention Chris Greazel
  • Chris put together a re-imagining of the original light bike, this time in a striking Corvette Red.  The sweeping feature line coming from the front fender up into the side and over the rear “tire” is an elegant and attractive addition to the design.

  • International Winner Ralph Laurent of Switzerland
  • “Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!” That’s probably the sound you’d hear louder than the engine of this light bike design from Raphael Laurent.  The rider is holding onto a rocketship for dear life, with all the thrust and power of a nuclear missile under him. The sketch is loose, focusing on the contrast of the green glow on a black form.  It’s a rather traditional proportion, but the fact that at any moment the rider can be thrown off into oblivion makes this concept both exciting to see and terrifying to ride.

  • International Honorable Mention Paulo Italiani
  • Paulo’s concept was very interesting.  It focused on a minimalistic bike concept, with thin forms overlapping the rider.  Another concept where the rider is more upright, the cruise-like nature of the design fits well with the tag line included in the image, “Take a Journey into the Grid”. Yes, Paolo, we definitely want to!

  • International Honorable Mention Daniel Kafka of the United Kingdom
  • Kafka’s sketch is terrific.  The style is very art-like and loose, and is almost electric by nature.  It fits in well with the location and history of the vehicle.

  • International Honorable Mention Huynh Ngoc Lan of Vietnam
  • Lan’s image is very unique, in that it takes a completely different approach to what a light cycle could be.  One big wheel, made to run along a track with precision.  We received a few single-wheel concepts, but Lan’s had a terrific scene to capture the vehicle in motion.

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