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American branded cars are roaring back in the car leasing game after a few years of backing away, according to data from That is creating more competition for imports, and thus better deals for consumers.

Prior to 2008, the leases offered by U.S. automakers were mostly on pickup trucks and SUVs, according to LeaseTrader CEO and founder Sergio Stiberman. That was, in part, due to the fact that profitable leasing for the automaker requires that the vehicle in question has a healthy residual value (the value of the vehicle at the end of the lease). Values were good on Detroit trucks and big SUVs, but less so on its passenger cars. That's changing now, though, as Cadillac, Buick and Ford, for example, are all seeing their residual values climb to near parity with Asian and European brands.

"Today, domestic leased vehicles in economy, mid-size and crossover categories have jumped into the mix, signifying a resurgence in leasing popularity among American drivers of domestic vehicles," says Stiberman.

American vehicles now account for 38.5% of lease listings compared with 30.3% in 2008. GM, Ford and Chrysler, which are all in much better financial positions that they were 3 years ago, are offering better products, as well as deals, which is helping to get more consumers behind the wheels of their vehicles.

We took a look at's data and came up with the Top 10 Most Leased Auto brands, based on the percentage they claim of LeaseTrader's listings, as well as incentives on them that you can advantage of. Note, there is an even split between domestic and import brands.

10. Jeep
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10. Jeep

Percentage of Inventory: 3.6%

The recently redesigned Grand Cherokee has Jeep back on the radar of many consumers because of its sharp styling and luxury amenities.

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9. Toyota
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9. Toyota

Percentage of Inventory: 4.1%

It’s certainly no surprise that the maker of America’s best-selling car – the Toyota Camry – is on the list.

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8. Chevrolet
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8. Chevrolet

Percentage of Inventory: 5.1%

New fuel-efficient offerings like the Chevrolet Cruze are piquing consumer interest, especially with such high gas prices right now.

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7. Lexus
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7. Lexus

Percentage of Inventory: 5.6%

Toyota's luxury brand is making a strong push in the hybrid segment with its CT 200h.

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6. Audi
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6. Audi

Percentage of Inventory: 5.7%

With everything from great small cars like the A3 to uber-luxurious rides like the A8 and supercars like the R8, it's easy to see why Audis are being leased in volume.

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5. Buick
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5. Buick

Percentage of Inventory: 6.2%

GM's "other" luxury brand boasts several great models right now. Consumers are responding to cars like the LaCrosse by snatching up leases.

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4. Ford
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4. Ford

Percentage of Inventory: 6.2%

Ford's great product line is proving to be very popular. In fact, the Ford Edge won the 2010 Car of the Year Award based on volume of customer searches and takeovers among all domestic brands.

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3. Cadillac
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3. Cadillac

Percentage of Inventory: 6.8%

Cadillac's numerous luxury offerings continue to be very popular with consumers looking for a high-end lease.

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2. Mercedes-Benz
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2. Mercedes-Benz

Percentage of Inventory: 7.5%

Perhaps the ultimate vehicular status symbol, Mercedes-Benz enjoys a healthy amount of lessees who love driving cars like the E-Class.

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1. BMW
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1. BMW

Percentage of Inventory: 7.7%

Cars like the perennial favorite BMW 3-Series have consumers flocking to leases in order to add some Bavarian luxury to their lives.

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