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Fido Approved: America's top ten pet-safe vehicles

by Jonny Lieberman (RSS feed) on Aug 26th, 2009 at 7:41PM

Most people don't pay it any mind, but car accidents and pets don't mix. Just like with humans, wrapping your car around a telephone pole can kill Fido dead. Or really injure the cute little guy. To draw attention to this issue, a website called Bark Buckle Up has teamed up with to bring us their Top 10 Pet Safe Vehicles. As Bark Buckle Up points out, "If you have an accident at 35 mph while toting your 60-pound unrestrained dog, your pet is capable of causing an impact of up to 2,700 pounds, slamming into the seat, the windshield, or even a passenger." Ouch. Now of course,... Read More

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