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Tata finally shows off its $4.6M Nano Gold Plus

by Jeff Glucker (RSS feed) on Sep 20th, 2011 at 1:30PM

Tata is looking to play with both sides of the automotive pricing coin. On one side, it has the Nano, which is arguably the least expensive new automobile on the planet. In its native India, the Nano can be had from around $2,500, and it's been reported that an updated version would run around $7,000 if sold in North America. Now, however, there is now a special new version of the Nano which raises costs a bit. How does $4.6 million sound? The Tata family has produced this gold and jewel encrusted Nano as a celebratory ode to their Gold Plus jewelry stores. While a $4.6 million showpiece... Read More

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