• Radical RXC on track
  • Radical RXC on track
  • Radical RXC front 3/4
  • Radical RXC side
  • Radical RXC cockpit
  • Radical RXC unloaded
  • Radical RXC front
  • Radical RXC gullwing doors open
  • Radical RXC headlamps
  • Radical RXC cabin
  • Radical RXC tail lamps
  • Radical RXC engine bay
  • Radical RXC exhaust

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Radical has been building fantastic open-cockpit racers and roadcars for years, for the track day enthusiast who wants a vehicle that looks like it could show up for a start at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The company's latest creation is the RXC, and while this coupe looks like a prototype racer, it's road legal in the UK and in some parts of the US. When testing a car this, um, radical, the first thought is likely to get it to the track for some big slides and wide open acceleration, but XCar Film

If you're looking for the ultimate racecar for the road, look no further than the Radical RXC. The trouble is that while the RXC is nominally capable of driving on public roads, like most Radicals it wasn't certified for the United States. But now it has been.

The good people at XCAR were the first to get a ride in the new Radical RXC on public streets, and they were kind enough to bring along a few cameras to film the experience. As you may already know, Radical has made a name for itself by building wicked track cars powered by lightweight and powerful motorcycle engines. Now the company is out to give the KTM X-Bow and Ariel Atom something to sweat over with a new line of street-legal track heathens. Powered by a range of engines that include the F

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