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Porsche Panamera owners rewarded with USB drive shaped like... Panamera

by John Neff (RSS feed) on Oct 20th, 2009 at 8:58AM

If you're a hardcore Porschephile, then you're going to love this post, because it's about Porsche minutiae that no one else really cares about. Turns out that if you bought a Panamera, you may have gotten an extra gift from Porsche (besides the car). A tipster sent in pics of a package he received that included a knick knack looking just like his Panamera key fob, which itself is shaped like a Panamera. Lo and behold, the doo-dad was not an extra key fob (that would've been nice) but a USB flash drive. We've got no info on what the drive's capacity is or if the thingamajiggy does... Read More

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