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Paris 2010: Citroën Lacoste Concept is a fashion buggy for the white belt set

by Jonathon Ramsey (RSS feed) on Oct 1st, 2010 at 7:19PM

This is the Citroën Lacoste concept, which the automaker describes as "an emblem for a state-of-mind" – that particular mental state probably including sun, sand, bikinis and Speedos. The open buggy-like four-seater with floating headrests is the opposite of "always more," powered by a three-cylinder engine that will make its pace as relaxed as its occupants. Fashion and four-wheelers combine all around, with the golf-ball wheels outside and bench seats with a polo-shirt-like weave inside. The dash that's as wide as the car goes in another direction entirely, with readouts in... Read More

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