Most Expensive Cars To Insure

Want a fast car? Prefer to plant your patootie in the lap of luxury? We don't blame you, but we hope you're expecting to pay a premium for insurance.

The more expensive a car happens to be is just one part of its rating from insurance companies, as you'll see in our list of the ten most expensive cars to insure in the United States. Even if you can afford the high-cost to park one in your driveway, it's worth knowing how much that new bundle of joy is going to cost each month to drive.

Our data comes from, and it includes pricing information from Allstate, Farmers, GEICO, Nationwide, Progressive and State Farm in 10 ZIP codes per state. For the purposes of this list, assumes full coverage for a single 40-year-old male with a clean record, a 12-mile daily commute, policy limits of 100/300/50 ($100,000 for injury liability for one person, $300,000 for all injuries and $50,000 for property damage in an accident) and a $500 deductible on collision and comprehensive coverage.

Click above to find out which vehicles will cost the most on car insurance. Some of the cars on our list you'll expect, and some may just surprise you.

Mercedes GL63 AMG

Average insurance rate for 12 months: $2,609

Combine an obscenely powerful engine with a high price and you've earned a recipe for high insurance premiums. Such is the case with the Mercedes GL63 AMG.

This seven-passenger SUV is the tenth most expensive vehicle to insure in the United States. Click above to find out what costs even more.

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Jaguar XKR Supercharged

Average insurance rate for 12 months: $2,854

The supercharged Jaguar XKR is a luxury sportscar that ticks off lots of boxes. A high-performance engine kicking out 510 horsepower, an aluminum-intensive chassis that offers excellent handling and composure, a sumptuous interior and beautiful styling.

Is it any wonder, then, that it costs so much to insure? No, not really. Click above to see what's next.

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Audi A8L W12

Average insurance rate for 12 months: $2,869

Are you sensing a pattern? Yep, so are we. Big, expensive, powerful and European seem to equate to high insurance premiums, as is the case with this Audi A8L.

Specifically, we're looking at the long-wheelbase A8 powered by the insane 500-horsepower, 6.3-liter W12 engine. It's not even close to being the most-expensive car to insure, though.

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Mercedes G63 AMG

Average insurance rate for 12 months: $2,887

Look familiar? The Mercedes G63 AMG boasts the same 6.2-liter V8 engine as the GL63 AMG that made an appearance earlier on our list, but this one is even more specialized, and therefore, more expensive to insure.

Even if it's not surprising to see the G-Class on this list, are you wondering where the supercars are? Click above to find out.

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Audi R8 5.2 Spyder Quattro

Average insurance rate for 12 months: $2,917

Ah, right. Supercars. We're sure nobody is shocked to see an expensive, ridiculously fast and otherwise otherworldly vehicle like the Audi R8 make this list of expensive cars to insure.

This one has the more powerful V10 engine and a top speed right up near 200 miles per hour. No shocker that it's costly to insure, then. What's next?

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Porsche Panamera Turbo S

Average insurance rate for 12 months: $2,970

Are you surprised that the Panamera Turbo S is the most expensive Porsche to insure? We were.

We're just guessing, but perhaps insurers see the extra set of doors and seats in the Panamera, as opposed to something like a 911 Turbo or GT3, and see more potential for liability costs. In any case, owners of the Panamera Turbo S should expect big insurance bills. But not the highest of all. Click above to see what's next.

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Mercedes SLS AMG

Average insurance rate for 12 months: $2,986

Mercedes just recently replaced its gullwing-door'd supercar with something a little more subtle. While we love the new Mercedes-AMG GT an awful lot, there's something special about the SLS AMG that we'll always remember with fondness.

That said, owners aren't likely to be all that fond of the SLS AMG's high insurance costs. Interestingly enough, it's not the priciest car wearing the Mercedes badge to insure. Click above to find out which model wears that dubious distinction.

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Mercedes-Benz CL550 4Matic

Average insurance rate for 12 months: $3,019

Like the SLS AMG, the CL-Class isn't actually being produced by Mercedes-Benz. But you can still find them for sale, and they are still going to be awfully expensive to insure. In fact, the CL550 4Matic is the most expensive car to insure that wears the three-pointed star.

Why is the CL550 4Matic more expensive to insure than the CL63 AMG or even the V12-powered CL65 AMG? We have no idea. We'd expect the S-Class Coupe, which replaces the CL-Class for 2015, to have similarly high insurance premiums, for what it's worth. Just two more cars to go. Click above to continue!

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Average insurance rate for 12 months: $3,065

Surprise! The M6 is the only car from BMW to make the top ten list of the most expensive cars to insure in the US. Perhaps that has something to do with its 560-horsepower engine and MSRP of well over $100,000...

There is just one vehicle currently for sale in the United States that costs more to insure than the BMW M6. Any guesses? Click above to find out!

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Nissan GT-R Track Edition

Average insurance rate for 12 months: $3,169

Ta da! The Nissan GT-R Track Edition, commonly referred to as Godzilla by auto enthusiasts, is the most expensive car, on average, to insure in the United States.

It's insanely quick, ridiculously fast, carries a sticker price over $100,000 and is going to cost its owners dearly to insure. And you know what? It's worth it.

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