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EVs are popular company cars in the UK.

Battery-powered trucks haul a claimed 40 tons 400 miles per charge. A UK poll shows favor for alternative powertrains. An EV subsidy reduction helps Mitsubishi sell its Outlander PHEV in February.

Pro Golfer Wins BMW i3; Electric Luxury Cars On The Rise; Uber Hires Former Obama Campaign Manager

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has successfully completed the Asia Cross Country Rally 2014. The plug-in Mitsu finished first in the EV class, and 14th overall, clocking in at 19 hours, 17 minutes and 12 seconds. For its second year in the competition, the Outlander PHEV used a new suspension with more ground clearance to help it tackle the race's treacherous terrain. Besides the glory of taking on the challenging competition, the rally helped Mitsubishi gather valuable data for EV development. T

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