• Mercedes-GLA-45-AMG-1
  • Mercedes-GLA-45-AMG-2
  • Mercedes-GLA-45-AMG-3
  • Mercedes-GLA-45-AMG-4
  • Mercedes-GLA-45-AMG-5
  • Mercedes-GLA-45-AMG-6
  • Mercedes-GLA-45-AMG-7

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Last week's reveal of the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class wasn't a huge shock. We knew the crossover, which shares its platform with the CLA sedan, was coming, and we had suspicions it'd show up online before its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. We also knew, because we're talking about Mercedes, that there'd eventually be a hot AMG variant. Much like your friend that enjoys a bit too much Red Bull, Mercedes feels the need to take all of its vehicles up to 11, offering AMG variants of virtual

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