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Novitec Tridente supercharges the Maserati Quattroporte

by Noah Joseph (RSS feed) on Aug 5th, 2010 at 6:31PM

Used to be – not so long ago, even – that if you wanted something exotic and sporty with four doors, your choices were largely limited to the Maserati Quattroporte. Maybe the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, if your budget and tastes veered more towards the statesmanly. But these days, buyers have more choices in the form of the Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin Rapide and even the Jaguar XJ Supercharged. And while Maserati reportedly has a pair of new QPs in the works, for those still enamored with the current model but hoping for a little extra kick, Novitec Tridente has... Read More

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