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Video: Autocar pits Audi R8 V10 versus... Honda Civic Type R Mugen?

by Zach Bowman (RSS feed) on Jun 14th, 2010 at 7:58PM

There are certain debates that will rage on until the end of time: Coke or Pepsi, Zeppelin or the Stones, real or fake. But few take the cake in our little corner of the writing world quite like the infamous "fast cars slow or slow cars fast" dispute. On the one hand, what's the point of having a gazillion dollar supercar capable of cracking off triple-digit speeds at the drop of an eyelash if you're stuck on public roads? On the flip side, fans of mighty metal will politely ask you, why waste your life behind the wheel of anything with less than 400 horsepower? Autocar has recently... Read More

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