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Rumormill: Mugen planning two-seat RR-based Civic Type-R hatchback?

by Chris Paukert (RSS feed) on Jun 12th, 2009 at 2:29PM

Honda's space-egg Civic Type-R hasn't exactly managed to build the same sort of enthusiast following as its predecessor, but that hasn't stopped U.S. motorheads from fawning over its edgy three-door shape, or from carping about how we don't get one in the States. While that isn't set to change, there may soon be a new model that's really worth crying over, as EVO is reporting that renowned tuner Mugen is fixing to build an even hotter Type-R variant.According to the UK publication, the Mugen-spec Type-R will build on the success of the Mugen RR sedan (shown), taking some of its key... Read More

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