1. Navigation System
  • Image Credit: TomTom

1. Navigation System

What: TomTom XL 335 GPS Receiver.
How Much: $89.99
Where: RadioShack

Why: Let's face it, your dad's no Christopher Columbus. Well, actually, maybe he is, if he manages to get to some places by accident. Save his pride, and your mother's sanity: Get a $30 discount on the TomTom at Radio Shack by typing in promo code FATHERGEARS.

2. In-Car Humidor
  • Image Credit: Ferrari

2. In-Car Humidor

How Much: $885
Where: Ferraristore.com

Why: Your cigar-loving father needs someplace to store his stogies in his ride. This one has tire-inspired rubber siding and marries Cuban flare with Ferrari style. It'll make your dad feel more like a "baller" than a pending retiree.

Two other options:

What: Porsche Humidor
How Much: $360 (3-finger Robusto Travel Case)-$700 (carbon-fiber wrapped, Spanish cedar-lined humidor)
Where: Elighters.com

What: Lamborghini Humidors
How Much: $34.99 (travel case)-$249.99 (120-cigar humidor)
Where: LamborghiniHumidor.com

3. Exotic Car Rentals
  • Image Credit: Bentley

3. Exotic Car Rentals

What: A short-term rental of a Bentley, Maserati, Ferrari, Aston Martin.
How much: $2,000-$7,000
Where: Gotham Dream Cars (in NYC), or a similar venue in your location

Why: Give dad a taste of the luxurious even if his commute may be a little more mundane. Zoom around with him for some quality (and highly-stylized) bonding time.

BMW M6 Cabriolet will cost $290.71/day $2,035.00/week. Each additional day costs $249.00/day

Bentley Continental GT $571.14/day $3,998.00/week. Each additional days costs $500

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder $928.57/day $6,500.00/week. Each additional day costs $800.00.

4. Driving Gloves
  • Image Credit: BMW

4. Driving Gloves

What: BMW M Gloves
Where: Amazon.com

Why: He may not get all that much time to hit the track, but on the daily drive to and from work, you'll make him feel like F-1 driver Michael Schumacher.

5. Driving School
  • Image Credit: Porsche

5. Driving School

What: Porsche Club of America's Driver's Education Program
How Much: $200 for a day of instruction and track time but can vary by region
Where: Porsche's web site

Why: Allows dad to learn first-hand about the capabilities of high-performance vehicles while burning some rubber.

6. Seatbelt belts
  • Image Credit: Pure Detroit

6. Seatbelt belts

What: Belts made from seatbelts
How Much: $22-$24
Where: PureDetroit.com

Why: Get dad in nerdy stylish fashion by getting him a classic-looking Cadillac seatbelt officially licensed from GM. Check out the other brands Pure Detroit offers like the chic Mustang belt.

7. Car Computer Mouse
  • Image Credit: MotorMouse

7. Car Computer Mouse

What: MotorMouse
How Much: $55.00
Where: Motormouse.us.com

Why: Does dad not get enough of his vehicle at the wheel? Does he need some more of it at work or home? Get him this car-shaped mouse with an opening trunk to store batteries and a receiver, a spare tire scroll wheel, and wireless functionality. Can you resist having the Mini Cooper literally at your finger tips?

8. Alternate Navigation Voices
  • Image Credit: TomTom

8. Alternate Navigation Voices

What: TomTom's Original Homer Simpson
How Much: About $13.00
Where: TomTom.com

Why: Just plain hilarious. It beats that computerized monotone voice and says things like, "Wohoo. You have reached your destination! And you can hold your head up high, because you are a genius." You can also get Darth Vader, Yoda, Dennis Hopper, Mr. T, John Cleese, Kitt, and others. Check out the TomTom site for more.

9. Hertz Rental
  • Image Credit: GM

9. Hertz Rental

What: Hertz Adrenaline Collection
How Much: About $550 per week
Where: Hertz.com

Why: Save $50 on a weekly rental of a Hertz Adrenaline Collection car by using the code PC#155676 in the reservation. Let dad enjoy the performance of muscle cars like the Chevy Camaro SS, Ford Mustang 5.0 GT Premium, and Dodge Challenger R/T.


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